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Moving and packing tips you might not have thought of…

Make a Schedule

The hardest tasks can be so much easier with a basic schedule. Create a timeline that will help you keep track of all the to-dos. Start with the big dates, like when you need to have a place vacated. Work backwards from that date giving yourself enough time to have everything wrapped up and cleaned up without feeling stressed. Other big dates might include Move In By Date, Back To Work Date, Meet Contractors Date, etc. Fill in other important dates, like when you ought to move belongings into or from storage.

Pack an Overnight Bag

It’s funny, but with all the packing that’s going on you might forget to pack an overnight bag. You’ll want this for the first night you arrive at your new location. It’ll be a lot easier to adjust to your new digs if you can at least find your pajamas and the next day’s clothes and sundries without rooting through boxes.

Essentials Box or a Big Duffle Bag

Put together a box or a duffle bag of essentials that consist of more items than what you’ll have in your overnight bag. These are things you’ll need for your last few days at your current location and for your first few days in your new home. Essentials mean different things to different people. If you want to keep the expense of eating out at its lowest, then a picnic basket of plates, cups, utensils and a wine bottle opener might make the whole moving process a fun adventure. Make sure you have comfort items for your kids and pets too. Some people like to have their own music and/or movie system that’s bigger than an overnight bag. It’s surprising how scarce some basic items like paper, pencils, pens can become in a move, so throw some of those things in your bag along with important documents that you don’t want to lose track of.

Think Like a Survivor

Okay, this might seem overboard. But seriously, power outages happen anywhere, anytime. Make sure you have a flashlight nearby in case your phone battery goes dead and you can’t use it as a flashlight.


Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash