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COVID-19 Closed

Covid-19. How Long Lake Storage can help your business…

COVID-19. Stacked chairs and tables can make a business look closed. Some businesses remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, while others are only partially opened. Many small businesses impacted as they wait in limbo.

As long COVID-19 remains a concern, establishments like coffee shops and restaurants are only partially open. Many places have cordoned off their indoor seating which might negatively effect ambiance. Imagine how that effects the mood of customers who are getting refreshments to go.

Keep your important inventory safe while you wait. Many large businesses are impacted by stringent safety requirements during the pandemic. Some will walk away from their lease. Furnishings and inventory are assets that are expensive to replace. That’s when renting a storage unit or two provides a great short term solution. You can protect your furniture and office equipment at Long Lake Storage and safe guard tools and valuable inventory.

While concerns about the novel corona virus remains, small shops might consider sharing a unit with another small business to store their furniture and inventory until they can reopen.

Lots of different storage unit sizes to choose from.

Washington State’s COVID-19 guidance and resources for employers and business owners.

Photo by Ross Sneddon on Unsplash